Welcome to my site.

My name is Milen Karaganski and I’m from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m a mechanical engineer by education and job and work as an operator/programmer of CNC machines. But for a long time, my hobby is to learn and experiment with HTML/PHP, SQL and web design.

My love for the web started about 12 years ago. First with building HTML/CSS sites (if 1 page can be called a site 🙂 ) and then with PHP, SQL and a bit of java and ajax.

Since the beginning, there has been a struggle to find good free hosting when they all come with limitations. No full control on DNS records, ads integrated to my site, etc., so finally I made it in my own hosting server at home.

Now I’ve decided to share my server with other beginners, students and enthusiasts, who want full controlled hosting for free. I’m offering 3 different setups depending on your needs. One – good for one website without an online shop, Advanced – suitable for one site with an online shop or small projects and Business – for more sites or bigger needs. You need to have your own domain to use these two. But if you are a complete noob or you have just started, I’m offering you free Subdomain hosting under the shhservice.com domain (i.e. your_username.shhservice.com). You can compare and learn more about them on this page.

Other services I am offering is a full website building based on WordPress, custom PHP coding, website support and maintenance, etc.

You can also hire me as a freelancer. More information about this can be found here.

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